Rizana Empowerment Aid

Rizana Empowerment Aid has the same principle as NONA Empowerment Aid, but offers help specifically to girls and women in Sri Lanka, who out of desperation and poverty have plans to escape from Sri Lanka to work in the Middle East. Rizana Empowerment Aid is based on and named after the story of Rizana Nafeek. She spent eight years on death row in a Saudi Arabian prison, while she was innocent, after a Saudi family made false accusations. Physically and mentally broken, she was beheaded in public in January 2013, not even 25 years old.

Because many Sri Lankan women are working as housemaids in the Middle East and the big majority of these women are dealing with regular rape, abuse and torture and a small percentage even dies here, NONA Foundation wants to prevent Sri Lankan girls and women from getting into this situation. By means of a microcredit, they can stay with their family in Sri Lanka, to start a business and earn their money in their own environment. This group is also supported and monitored by NONA Lanka, to realise this goal optimally. With Rizana Empowerment Aid, mothers can stay with their children, daughters can stay with their parents and they all fight poverty, because their business has a positive effect on their direct environment.

On www.supportyourgirl.com, you will find a number of stories of girls and women that stayed in Sri Lanka and with Rizana Empowerment Aid have not only saved their own life, but also have a perspective to a financially healthy and happy future.