NONA Gardens

NONA Foundation has taken the initiative to realise a unique shelter and empowerment project in the area of Kurunegala, for girls and young women who were the victim of sexual violence and human trafficking. Many of these girls are taken into a shelter home of the authorities for a certain period of time. However, as soon as they turn 18, they have to leave the home, to make place for new girls. That is painful enough in itself, but it is worse that a lot of them end up on the streets again, have nowhere to go and as a result end up in situations of exploitation and abuse.

NONA Foundation wants to make sure that these girls get a stable and safe place to stay, to start their education or to start up a small business of their own. Many girls so far have been able to build up a new life this way (NONA Empowerment Aid).


The NONA Gardens are situated north of Kurunegala in the North-Western Province, and covers about ten thousand square metres. It is a beautiful natural area, with a lot of trees, plants and flowers and is protected by a high wall to guarantee the girls’ safety.


More information regarding the NONA Gardens you’ll find at www.nonagardens.com