NONA Empowerment Aid

NONA Empowerment Aid offers help to girls that have been dealing with the Child Care and Protection Board and are forced to leave the shelter homes as soon as they turn eighteen years old. Most of these girls were taken into care as a victim of sexual violence, but in some cases also because of neglect, physical and/or mental abuse.

For this target group, it is difficult to find a place in society. Because they were banned by their social environment, they can’t always make the start with their own life that they are entitled to. They are also not always allowed access to the means that they need to build up a healthy and happy future.

NONA Foundation helps them to start their own business, by providing microcredit and make them independent and self-reliant on the long term and give them back self-respect and trust in society. With every girl, we find out what her talents are and where her potential lies, so she can for example start her own sewing workshop, a small store or cultivate a piece of land. NONA Lanka continuously monitors the development of the girls and offers every girl guidance to her needs.

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