NONA Empowerment Aid

The Empowerment Aid basically is to help girls who have been victims of sexual violence, abuse and
trade. After leaving the shelters these girls often cope with problems finding their place in the
society again. It’s hard for them to make a new start because they are being rejected by family and
friends. It’s very difficult to make a new start on your very own without any help. NONA Foundation
provides these girls microfinance including guidance and supervision to achieve their own source of
income for in the future. So the girls will take a step to towards independence and self-reliance. For
example they can start their own sewing workshop, a grocery shop or a farm. The microcredits can
be seen as a gift and an interest-fee loan to pay off a girl in installments. If a loan is required under
certain conditions, there can be given an additional loan. The overall microcredits start from 125
euro and can go up to an amount of 500 euro. All loans are provided under guidance and supervision.
NONA Foundation receives information from the Sri Lankan Authorities and local organizations about
girls who may qualify for the NONA Empowerment Aid. NONA Lanka visits these girls and determines
whether or not there is a need for help.

In cases where the help is needed, a business plan will be created to maximize the chances of
success. This plan describes how the girl can invest her money and how this investment can be a
source of income. After receiving the approval, the first part of the NONA Empowerment Aid will be
paid so the plan can be completed. And after completing each phase listed in the business plan,
NONA Foundation will pay a portion of the loan. After completing their own business NONA will keep
an eye on these girls. NONA Lanka will monitor these girls and their business to ensure their success
as much as possible.