NONA Beauty Culture Training Centre

The NONA Beauty Culture Training Centre opened in May 2014, in cooperation with the Child Care and Protection Board of Kuliyapitiya (North Western Province). This Child Care and Protection Board offers room to more than 70 girls, that were taken in for several reasons. All the girls are under 18 and are given regular education by the Child Care and Protection Board as well as training and courses realised by NONA Foundation.

In Sri Lanka, the beauty and care sector is very popular. Especially for couples that are getting married, it is very important to look their best on their wedding day. But also a lot of the female guests are used to visiting a beauty salon before joining the wedding party. In the NONA Beauty Culture Training Centre, a number of girls are trained in a period of nine months, in the field of face, hair and skin care and designing wedding bouquets. The girls are being taught by a professional teacher, who is an authority in all the fields in the care sector. They learn everything they need to know as a beauty expert.

After nine months, the girls receive a nationally accepted diploma and on the long term, they have the possibility to open their own beauty centre. After the certification, the next group will start their nine months training course. NONA Foundation finances the salary of the teachers and pays for all the necessary products, such as creams, lotions, but also treatment beds and sinks.