Mission and Start

To make the life of girls who were victim of sexual violence and human trafficking promising and significant; a life with freedom, justice and human dignity.

The Start

NONA Foundation was officially registered on Wednesday 2nd of March 2005 by Nimal Samantha van Oort. Nimal was adopted to the Netherlands together with his twin brother Djoeri in 1983. Since he was a small boy, he felt the urge to find an answer to questions as why they were given away by their birth mother in Sri Lanka and, more importantly, how their mother’s situation in Sri Lanka would be. In 2001, when they went back to Sri Lanka for the first time, they could no longer surpress the urge and started the search for their biological mother. Years went by without any news, but then they suddenly received a message from Sri Lanka. The mother of Djoeri en Nimal turned out to have passed away a long time ago.

At once, the hope of a dream coming true – to one day meet their mother – vanished. The message was hard to take and caused a lot of grief. The message also said that Djoeri and Nimal were supposed to have a younger sister who was still living in Sri Lanka. In the summer of 2004, Djoeri and Nimal travelled to Sri Lanka to meet her. Although it was a great experience to see her for the first time, it was painful to find out how much their mother had suffered. She had been the victim of rape several times and was left alone by everyone because she became a so called disgrace. Because of this, and because of the lack of protection and medical care, she died at the age of 21. Nowadays, many girls have to endure the same horrible experiences. That’s why Djoeri and Nimal, in loving memory of their mother, founded the NONA Foundation. To make their dream – creating a promising and significant life, with freedom, justice and human dignity for girls that were the victim of sexual violence and human trafficking – come true.

What started as a dream, has become more than a mission for life!