Janneke Berendsen

Janneke Berendsen (1982) knows Nimal and Djoeri al her whole life. Their parents are good friends so she grew up with the twin brothers.
She witnessed closely the founding of NONA Foundation and she appreciates the opportunities NONA Foundation creates for the girls and young women in Sri Lanka. Her subsidy is the emancipation of these women because in the Netherlands the situation for women is much better. Janneke visited Sri Lanka a few years ago and she was impressed by what she had seen.
She works as a teacher in photography to a MBO in Hilversum, so she is very good skilled as a part of the Media Commission.

Janneke is an artist who creates paintings and photography wich she exposes. In the past she worked as a volunteer in Ghana to inform about HIV & Aids at schools, and she worked with refugee children in the Netherlands.
Her dream is that one day NONA Foundation can retire, so that the Sri Lankan people themselves can provide the shelter and care the women in Sri Lanka need and deserve.